Monday, September 6, 2010



Pictures and Stories

by Aubrey Wiley

Available Now from the Author

$42.95 plus mailing

Hardback, 144 pages, 9" by 12"

(less than 50 copies remain March 24, 2014)

Aubrey Wiley's new book, Virginian Railway Pictorial - Pictures and Stories, is the first new book on the Virginian Railway in many years, and the largest in over 40 years. It contains over 225 vintage pictures in black & white from his and other private collections of the railroad's trains, equipment, structures and locations as well as many stories from former VGN employees and people who lived along and rode the Virginian. The hardback, 144 page book contains: overview of Virginian Railway history, coverage with pictures and stories from milepost zero in Norfolk, Virginia to milepost 435 in south central West Virginia, as well as almost 200 miles of branch line and trackage rights operation. One chapter details the railroad's nearly 49 years of passenger train service, while other chapters present information, pictures and stories on a very wide range of topics and many lesser known events in the railroad's history. Examples include a retired engineer recalling his running of an N&W class J steam engine on a detoured N&W passenger train. Learn about the routine operation of a Shay locomotive on VGN's mainline, away from home terminals, beaneries, a branch line with a switchback, where milepost zero was actually located, VGN's searchlight signals, motor cars, and many other phases of the railroad's operation. And of course, all types of VGN's locomotives are pictured; steam, electric and diesel, as well as passenger and freight trains and company structures.

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The price for this limited edition book is $42.95 plus shipping cost: Priority Mail- $10.50; Media Mail (5-10 days) - $4.75. Postal Rates have increased. Orders will be mailed within 24 hours except on weekends.

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To order, send your email to: and insert "VGN book" in the subject line. Payment may be by PayPal to the account: or by personal check mailed to the author, Aubrey Wiley, 535 Pine Drive, Lynchburg, Va., 24503-1214.

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The official book release was at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Roanoke, Virginia October 29 & 30. Thanks to all who attended. It was great to see old friends and to meet new ones!

  • Successful Event - Friday, Oct. 29 - 7:00 pm program at VMT, "Why We Remember the Virginian." The Friday evening program, "Why We Remember the Virginian," was attended by Virginian fans, supporters, friends and family, probably some curious as well. Harry Bundy and Ken Miller started the program as they described their earlier contacts with the Virginian and how they remember it. I used a few dozen slides to describe why I feel we remember the Virginian.
  • Successful Event - Saturday, Oct. 30 - 11:00 am to 2:30 pm at VMT, meeting VGN fans and book signing. An excursion train from Spencer North Carolina brought hundreds of visitors to the museum who showed interest in the new book as did many other visitors from Roanoke and the area.
  • Successful Event - Saturday and Sunday Nov. 13 and 14 - Bluefield, WV Train Show - meeting VGN fans and book signing. This popular show consistently attracts railroad fans, families of railroaders and modelers every year. Benefitting from advance media publicity, many came specifically to get the new book. It was heartwarming as older railroaders looked through it and recalled their VGN years as did their families. Many tears of joyful memories were seen.
  • Successful Event - Saturday, Dec. 4, Noon to 3:00 pm - Suffolk, Va (Norfolk area) Railroad Museum and Visitor's Center - meeting VGN fans and book signing. Again, advance media publicity resulted in over a hundred people coming to the museum to see the new book on the Virginian. Many brought old clippings, paper items and photographs to share.
  • Successful Event - Saturday, Dec. 11, Noon to 3:00 pm - Victoria, Va Library. - meeting VGN employees, employee families, VGN fans and book signing. Thanks to advance notice made by Victoria's Greg Elam, mastermind of Victoria's Virginian Railroad Heritage Park, about a hundred people came to see the new book, learn about and discuss their local history. It was such a pleasure to listen and learn from the many railroad families who came.
  • Telephone Aubrey before 9:00 pm ET: 434.386.2226